Is Upwork Worth It?

30 May

I put together this particular post to talk to people about one of the most popular online job board sites known as Upwork, because I have had a great deal of success on that site myself. That being said, there are a lot of stereotypes from existing or even new freelancers about whether it's really beneficial to put in the time to put together a profile on this site. Read on learn more about whether it's really worth your time to establish a profile over on Upwork.

How Upwork Functions

Some people may be completely unfamiliar with what Upwork means. It's actually the newest version of two previous sites; Elance and ODesk, and these are both extremely popular online job board sites where clients would post essentially request for proposal and then freelancers would respond with estimations of their time and the budget that they could complete the task in. It was sort of like a competitive marketplace for freelancers and it's actually the system that I used to launch my freelance writing business in 2012.

There are some things that make Upwork stand out as a phenomenal site to get work on, and then there are some things about it that can be a little bit frustrating or confusing especially for new freelancers. Some of the aspects that make Upwork an excellent choice for a new freelancer is that you have hourly work protection when you use the Upwork tracker. If you don't use an hourly job and are instead using a fixed price job, you get the benefit of escrow funding. So before you actually provide a deliverable to a client, the client is responsible for transitioning funds into an Escrow account. Upwork holds those funds until it has been approved by your client to release them.

As a new freelancer, it gives you a lot of comfort in knowing that some of the money has already been transferred in. It's also a lot easier to work on bigger projects with a total stranger when you have that sense of peace about the Upwork escrow funding or hourly protection services. It builds some of that trust between you and your clients.

It's also so easy to connect to great clients whether you are looking for short or long term opportunities and that's because Upwork is a leader in the field. Even though the site can be a little bit glitchy or a little bit confusing for someone who is using it for the first time, it's also really easy to connect with clients because it's the first place they look. So, individuals who are looking for graphic designers, web designers, virtual assistants, writers and a whole range of other freelancers will come to Upwork first to look for that ideal partnership with somebody else. Just being on the site gives you the chance to participate in those requests for proposals.

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