Be Aware of Crashes

30 May

There are some aspects of the site, though, that can be a little bit frustrating and having worked with the predecessors for Upwork as well as the version of the site now, I feel like I have insider knowledge about that. One of the biggest frustrations is that payments can be delayed by as much as 6 days. Even if your client releases funds to you from escrow or hourly work protection, it's put into a 5 to 6 day hold pattern by Upwork. I am not entirely sure why they do this, as especially with an hourly job you are already waiting for those funds to be released until the week after you have completed the work, and it can even be frustrating with escrow jobs as well because your client might not be available at the time that you submit a request for payment. It could be 3 or 4 days before they see your request for payment and then you are waiting an additional 6 days beyond that. From a cash flow perspective, that can be a little bit frustrating. The site also crashes a lot. Anyone who used Elance in the past is probably familiar with the fact that Elance went down every so often. Sometimes it was planned and many times it wasn't planned. There were technical bugs and glitches that were part of the Elance system for a long time.

Be Aware of Crashes

Unfortunately, I think it's actually worse on Upwork. It constantly confuses your client account with your freelancer account and it can just be really difficult for new clients to use the site because it crashes a lot.

One of the things that I recommend for people who are using Upwork for the first time is don't count on the Upwork messenger service as the be-all and end-all to deliver your communication. Sometimes messages never show up in my email even though the Upwork mobile app shows them as being there and when I log into Upwork I can see them there. I strongly recommend logging in daily if you are active on the site so that something doesn't slip through the cracks.

The System is Not Always Intuitive

It's also very frustrating with the fact that it crashes often and the design of the site, because it's really hard to find past files. At least in the Elance version of this system you could always click on files and you could see every file that had ever been uploaded to the workroom. Even though I have transmitted plenty of files through the workrooms in Upwork, it never shows properly in the actual messaging center itself. That can be pretty frustrating and confusing especially if you have submitted work and a request for payment and the client just hasn't seen it because there is a glitch.

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